An imaginative product combination

What if the function of a product was not a factor at all?

This is a Kaleidoscope and a Theater binoculars combination. Purely based on imagination and a fun playful design I got to work on. The idea initially came in my first year of studying industrial design and I got to develop it more while learning Solidworks and Keyshot.




Duration: 2 weeks

CAD - Solidworks

Renders - Keyshot

Initial idea

I had the idea to merge these two products into one way back in the Spring of my Freshmen year and I took it a step further and brought it to life using Solidworks and Keyshot.

In the same way that I merged the exterior of each product I also tried to imagine what would all the interior bits and peace look like.

When I brought this model into keyshot and assigned transparent materials it opened up a new world in seeing how would all of those clear pieces play together. In the end, I got many really cool patterns just from zooming in inside the lens.

Digital skills

Product renders in Photoshop

a woman is reading a book while sitting on a beda woman is reading a book while sitting on a bed

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