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In the colder seasons when the days are short we get used to living with artificial lighting. The harsh on-and-off switches do not feel natural and make it difficult to establish a rhythm.

This light inspired by the company Gantri's design language is a slow self-dimming light that slowly dims by itself when the middle ring moves from top to bottom.






model making


3D printing

December 13th 3:23 PM
Only 6 hours of daylight...
...makes light precious.

What is there was a solution to feel the gradual and slow shift of light even in the colder months when the sun sets at 4pm?

More than light

I wanted to design a light that would slowly dim by itself and become a part of our morning and night when we do not have the sun to signal to us for passing time

Designing with a language in mind.
Yet exploring making it unique...
So WHY all of this movement?
All coming together

Tea brewing reimagined